Friday, September 15, 2017

Anniversaries Abound

Today marks what would have been the 69th anniversary of my parents, who married in 1948.  My brother married on September 14, 1972, 45 years ago.  I chose
September 13th a year later, marking 44 years.   Little brother, Nile also we'd in September, on the 16th.   His marriage only lasted a few years, unfortunately.  Big sis, Sandy's big day was August 17th.   I guess you could call it the Avenue of the Anniversaries.  

Where have I been?   I retired six weeks ago today.  My computer/laptop/IPad  at home isn't as state-of-the-art as at work.  I can't figure out how to attach pictures, so until I do I'm just posting thoughts.  

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

I'm Retiring!!!

It's true! I'm all done with work and quitting.
Yes, ending my 25 year career and flitting.
To become a homemaker.  Do some knitting.
Like a dragonfly, I'll be around flitting!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Alliteration Lover

I'm reading "A Gentleman in Moscow" by Amor Towles and love it.  He writes with lots of alliteration that rolls right off your tongue and pops pretty much off the page.  

" was hosted by the high or the humble..."

'impression of an imperious young lady'

'human beings are so capricious, so complex, so contradictory, that they deserve our consideration...'

Every page is plum packed with alliterations.   Even the chapter headings all begin with A or a group of A words.   I love this kind of writing.  Amor has my vote.  I must also read his best selling book,
'Rules of Civility'.  
I am now in the mood to alliterate.   All in an Awesome DayYeah!!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Sign for the Skinner Cemetery

At the Skinner Cemetery we hung a sign,
Where we found graves of relatives so divine.
We're honored to be part of their great vine.
To serve and meet them would be super fine.

It is interesting that Jane & John Skinner's birthdays and death dates are within a few days of each other (birth May 28th & 30, death June 27 & 28). We were there on June 29th, to clean the graves and place a sign we had made to mark the place of our beloved ancestors.   Allan made the sign and did a beautiful job.    We traveled to Nounan, Idaho, to clean graves, repair headstones and hang the sign.   What a beautiful day it was.

 We, Patty Anderson, Sandy Sadler & I, joined Jim,(my brother) & Elaine Crane and family in a service project at the Skinner Cemetery. What a joy! — with Elaine Crane and Patty Anderson.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Ministry, Miracles and Majesty

That's what I heard in Linda Burton's talk on March 25,2017 in Mesquite.   She also said, 'distracted, doubtful, and discouraged'.  In addition to 'sinful, sorrowful or soul-stretched', inviting us to 'accept the Lord's invitation to drink of His living water, as did the certain woman at the well.   She asked us 'to do the same as we bear our own certain witness: "Is not this the Christ?"'
In an effort to overcome doubt, discouragement and being distracted, I have turned to the conference talks of our leaders.   Although reading the scriptures, daily prayer and church attendance are vital in finding joy, I have found I need more to keep me close to the Lord.   This is my very own ministry to myself.   It really is a miracle to feel and know that I am being watched over by loved ones.

To feel the majesty of the Atonement of Jesus Christ through the gift and presence of the Holy Ghost, comes when we specifically work for it.   I used to talk to myself, but then I had to find the solutions and answers.   Now I talk with the Holy Spirit and get the answers that bless my everyday actions.

This means I have to acknowledge and thank Him for these great words of wisdom and blessings that flow down continually.   It takes effort and constant work, but is worth it.  

Another miracle is the opportunity to memorize, The Living Christ.  Created in 2000 for the commemoration of Jesus Christ's birth.   It has been a challenge and blessing to learn more about Jesus, his life and the great gifts he has given to all his children on the earth.   If you want to know more, go to 

Friday, June 16, 2017

Priceless Piano Lessons

I got to teach piano lessons, Yeah!
I want my grand children to learn music so they,
Will enjoy this talent for ever and a day.
It was so fun to hear them laugh and play.

Here's Emma plinking away at the free piano their neighbor gave them.   She just wanted to use her three fingers.  No matter how I tried to get her to follow the book's directions, she wasn't interested.   It tripped her up when she got further in the book.   It was a great time spent together. 
When Jacob saw Emma playing the piano, he wanted to do it, too.  He is a fast learner and very smart.  He did a great job and hopefully will sit down and try it more and more.  

It was different being the teacher instead of the student, but I loved it.  

Friday, June 9, 2017

BHS Girls Lunch

The BHS girls got together for lunch.
We talked, laughed and even did munch.
It's been forty-seven years is my hunch,
Since high school where we were a bunch.

Here are the ladies that attended this year.  Our group gets smaller and smaller, but it is fun to see each other.   We don't think we look 65.  I made the mistake of wearing a short sleeve shirt.   I always wonder why women my age do that, because our arms are quite big and are not attractive.   Well I guess we just don't see ourselves in the same light, until we do.   

Trell second from left in the back always plans and notifies us.   She is the best.  as well as Kris Bodily S., Trell T.B, Julie, Sharon W.W. Shanna H.W.; Front row Pauline B., Billie N.K., Me and Sharon O.B.