Thursday, March 16, 2017

Bidding Farewell to the Bishopric

We were asked to be in the bishopric skit.
Where we honored these men.  It was a hit!
Allan and I sang, danced and did our bit.
His first ever part & teeth he did grit.

Jennifer E. the writer, director and honoring dignitary, presents a token of appreciation from the ward members for the six years of service these four men gave to build, support and assist those in the River Ridge 4th Ward.  

We were part of a group of six to perform a fun skit she wrote.  Learning half dozen songs with new words, our parts, some antics and more in ten days, wasn't easy.   We suffered through it and came out A-Okay.  Working with people for many hours helps endear you to them and give a feeling a great accomplishment afterward.  

Allan has never done anything wild like this before.  Although he was none to happy to do it, he felt pleased to have participated in a good cause.  

Friday, March 10, 2017

Cousins Catching Smiles

Some don't like their pictures taken and won't smile.
But, we get an off-guard one, once in awhile.
He gave his cousin a gum ball.  It's in style.
Two happy boys and a photo's beguile.

Hunter and Henry sharing a happy moment, because his cousin bought him a big gum ball and helped him do what a buddy would do.  Who wouldn't smile!! 

Sunday, March 5, 2017

South Jordan Art Show & Artist

Allan entered some of his woodcarvings in the South Jordan Art Show held at the Gale Musuem and runs from March 1st to 10th.   His Indian in a Feather got an honorable mention.  His Elk relief is on a stand center stage in bright lights.   He received $25 as his reward.  There were many other types of art, all beautiful.  

Friday, March 3, 2017

Right Place, Right Time

We had pastrami burgers for an evening treat.
JCW's place just can't be beat.
Got there with two other folks in line...neat!
A big crowd came in, as we enjoyed our eat. 

Our coupon expired on 2/28/17 so we had to get to JCW's for our free gourmet burger.   We went over as soon as I got home.  Allan said, "You never know, how long you will have to wait."  As soon as our burgers came, a busload of young men came in.  I'm glad we went right over.  

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Sayonara Snow

Nice warm temperatures have melted our snow.
Add to that, the wind with its constant blow.
We can't complain about 50 degree days, Whoa!
Before you know it, something will start to grow.

I found a few hold-outs of old piles of snow on the shady side of places.   But they won't last long.
In the thick of our storms here's a pretty tall snowman and man enjoying some fun in the cold. 

Monday, February 6, 2017

All Grown Up - Senior Night

It's senior night for the basket ball stars.
They graduate in May and all drive cars.
Just yesterday they were putting sand in jars.
Soon they will leave going from here to Mars.

 Our oldest grand daughter, Brayle, is a senior.   Seems like yesterday at the age of two, I was teaching her the song, I Love to See the Temple.  As we drove in the car, we would sing it at the top of our lungs.   She sang with such earnestness.   She has done the same in all that she does, earnestly.

I have watched her play Junior Jazz since she was nine and now she is finishing her last year as a senior and star of the girl's basketball team.  How exciting to see her grow and develop her skills.   Shooting 100 free throw shots, she made 75 plus.   That's is very good.  She is tall and loves to compete.  The ball has become a close friend, obeying her direction and trying, like a child to follow her commands.   We are so proud of the example she is and the great young lady she has become.   We love you, Brayle. 

Friday, February 3, 2017

Diners, Dives and Drive-ins With Jersey Mike's

When Diners, Dives & Drive-ins featured Jersey Mike's,
I had to try their food, rate it with hearts or spikes.
Want to visit their place, when I'm in Jersey with the tikes.
It's delish & even ride the Shores on bikes.

I loved the hot hoagies at Jersey Mike's.   I had the chicken and Allan the Philly & cheese.  The workers were so kind an helpful.   They gave us generous samples of sliced meat in the combination the sandwiches come in.   They have a special $5 for many of the hot hoagies after 5p.m.   It was a great experience and will go there again.