Monday, May 15, 2017

Grantsville Softball and Senior Night

Grantsville girl's state softball is today.
Catcher, Brayle, & three other seniors play.
They're hoping for a win, but come what may.
These gals are awesome in every way!!
 The rest of the team give the seniors a gift.  These fun yellow softballs with their names and numbers on are really cool. 

 Brayle, Mom, Dad and the coaches pose for pictures.   So fun. 
 The seniors also have a poster made of them.   Here's Brayle standing by her poster. with her last name on it, in uniform.   How cool is that? 
Home run, Brayle Crosman. Her 7th this year.
Leads the region in them. Let's all give a cheer

Well the Grantsville varsity won their first state game with Juan Diego, 12-2 in five innings.   Brayle is being congratulated for her home run.  She has seven this year and leads the region.  She is ranked in the state, too.  

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Mango Madness

We've all seen wild and crazy hairdos, right?
This one pictured, looks like it has the blight. 
Even fruit can have an attitude with fright.
Here's my mango man standing tall with might.

I love mangoes and making it have an attitude, just seemed like the thing to do.  Then I ate it.  Yum!  

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Gorgeous, Groomed and Green

I love seeing all the yards and lawns green.
They don't need water yet.  Isn't that keen?
Thanks to all the rain, it's a velvet groomed scene.
Each way you look, there's growth on everything.

 I love the spring.  The blooming bulbs and ground covers bring such lovely colors to everything.  Having planted them in the fall, they to the job, before we have to. 
 We have mowed our lawn at least five times and not watered even once.  Isn't that terrific?   Our water bill shoots up and out of sight, because we have to use culinary water.  I hate it, so if it's a hot summer, it doesn't take long for our spring nourished grass to turn.   I would too, after being spoiled all spring. 

Here's my great son and his family in my back yard.   They are more beautiful than the yard, but show it off well.   His sons are growing like crazy, too. 

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Playing for Plymouth's Patrons

Yep. I played for Plymouth's patrons last week.
Not used to their grand, I started our meek.
A few residents stepped inside for a peek.
Soon I was going at it like a real Greek.

After delivering Meals on Wheels to many of the residents at Plymouth Senior Assisted Living, I asked if I could practice on their grand piano.   "Of course", came the replay.   So I drop by when my skills are neglected and try my hand at their gorgeous grand.   How much better I sound and feel sitting at this masterpiece and feeling almost as good.   

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Handy and Heroic Are These Hands

Hands are so handy.  They mean and say a lot.
Used for waves, high fives and fix things on the spot.
They paint, button, zip, write and lift a tiny tot.
Can shake, wash, scratch and eat your fill with, or not. 

I heard of a teenager today that recently cut off her hand in a shop class with a chop saw.  Her partner matter-of-factly, picked up the severed hand and comforted the gal.   The teacher acted quickly.  Life flight was called, to transfer her to a hospital in Salt Lake.   A sixteen hour surgery reattached the hand and many are the prayers for the youth, that it successfully will be reestablished to work again.   It may never be the same, but if it having some dexterity and mobility is more than nothing.  
The things our hands can do are innumerable.  Without them we are handicapped beyond belief.   Let's hear it for our hands today.  

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Full of Fantastic Flowers

Many trees are blooming based on their inner clocks.
We enjoy the beauty along roads for blocks.
Some stand out & appear to be giving talks.
Mine reminds me of my mom's snowy white locks.

I cannot get enough of the beautiful flowering trees in rainbow colors and then some.   One of my favorite things of spring.  It goes on for weeks all bursting out in their scheduled time.  Our crab apple trees are just now bursting out.  There was snow covering the blooms this morning.  Hopefully it wont ruin or shorten their life.  

Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Tuscany Was a Freebie

An invite to a restaurant and it was free.
Of course, I was going to the Tuscany!
Never been there before.  I was filled with glee!
Had to listen to a lecture, not agree.

Folks my age get lots of invitations to hear about retirement and so forth.   I was being choosey who I was going to listen to.   Then the Tuscany restaurant was listed, I called immediately.   You bet!!

 I took in the whole experience:  entry, bathroom, hallways, kitchen and of course the banquet room. 
I ordered salmon (my favorite) and cheesecake was the dessert.   Yeah, the lecture was a little boring, but who cares, it was the Tuscany.