Thursday, March 16, 2017

Bidding Farewell to the Bishopric

We were asked to be in the bishopric skit.
Where we honored these men.  It was a hit!
Allan and I sang, danced and did our bit.
His first ever part & teeth he did grit.

Jennifer E. the writer, director and honoring dignitary, presents a token of appreciation from the ward members for the six years of service these four men gave to build, support and assist those in the River Ridge 4th Ward.  

We were part of a group of six to perform a fun skit she wrote.  Learning half dozen songs with new words, our parts, some antics and more in ten days, wasn't easy.   We suffered through it and came out A-Okay.  Working with people for many hours helps endear you to them and give a feeling a great accomplishment afterward.  

Allan has never done anything wild like this before.  Although he was none to happy to do it, he felt pleased to have participated in a good cause.  

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