Friday, June 16, 2017

Priceless Piano Lessons

I got to teach piano lessons, Yeah!
I want my grand children to learn music so they,
Will enjoy this talent for ever and a day.
It was so fun to hear them laugh and play.

Here's Emma plinking away at the free piano their neighbor gave them.   She just wanted to use her three fingers.  No matter how I tried to get her to follow the book's directions, she wasn't interested.   It tripped her up when she got further in the book.   It was a great time spent together. 
When Jacob saw Emma playing the piano, he wanted to do it, too.  He is a fast learner and very smart.  He did a great job and hopefully will sit down and try it more and more.  

It was different being the teacher instead of the student, but I loved it.  

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